The Complexities of Investing $10 Million

Bill Hortz, Founder of the Institute for Innovation Development, recently interviewed Russ Schultz, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Schultz Financial Group, about the complexity and challenges of investing and managing large sums of money. Hortz: Is investing $10 Million substantially different than investing $1M or smaller amounts of money? Schultz: The answer

SFG’s View on Energy Diversification

It is important to insulate your portfolio against inflation while also maintaining diversification. Investing in energy covers both of these areas. Trying to forecast the price of energy is like watering your yard during a rainstorm — it’s a waste of time. For example, oil prices change not only due to supply and demand, but also as a result of US dollar fluctuations, geopolitical tensions, and more. This blog post focuses on recent technological developments within and how to capture exposure to energy.

The Risk of Pension Liabilities

One of the macroeconomic areas of risk to the economy is public and private pension liabilities. The former also has an effect on the municipal bond market. The risk to the public and private pension system is underfunding. This happens when a pension fund has liabilities on its balance sheet which outweigh its assets.