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As a qualified client, you may have the opportunity to invest in private equity, real estate, hedge funds, energy interests, and other niche investments. Many financial advisors do not offer private investment opportunities like we do at Schultz Financial Group. We take pride in finding investments for you that lie beyond the common collection of opportunities. 

  • We admit we can’t predict the future, but we can help you prepare you for it. We use scenario planning to take some of the guesswork out of preparing for the future. 
  • Our first priority is managing your risk level. Risk comfort level changes over time and circumstances; we will be here to keep your current level of risk appropriate.
  • Once investments are chosen for you, our work has just begun. Behind the scenes, we monitor your portfolio and make changes when needed.
  • You’re the driver. We are the professionals here to serve you. We won’t make any transactions regarding your investments without your approval. 

We create customized financial portfolios for each client because no two clients are exactly alike. This is the art and science of our work. The science is in the numbers and opportunities. The art is in tailoring a portfolio that’s just right for your circumstance and goals.


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