How do we get paid

Our Fees

Our compensation is a transparent flat fee based on your unique situation

We’re more interested in earning your trust - not commissions.

As fee-only advisors, we’re compensated by our clients and do not accept any commissions, referral fees, rebates for offering or implementing recommendations, or transactions of any kind. Our loyalty remains exclusively to our clients. Our compensation is the transparent flat fee you pay based on your unique situation. Our affiliation is to you, not any other firm or broker-dealer. With that independence, we remain impartial and our advice is always in your best interest.

Our flat fee is based on your net worth, the nature of the services, and the complexity of your specific circumstances. 

Many other advisory firms base their fees on assets under management (AUM). For example, an AUM fee of 100 basis points (BPS) on $2 million of assets under management equates to $20,000 charged per year. For this fee, many of these firms may not be providing a full range of wealth management services.

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A financial adviser’s compensation structure should not be viewed as the sole determining factor in obtaining or retaining their services.