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Retirement Planning

Understanding Required Minimum Distributions

Understanding Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) is imperative for effective retirement planning. RMD rules can be complicated and difficult to understand, so we’ve outlined common questions and explanations to help you.

Posted By Alyssa Dalbey
November 7, 2023
Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Pets

As cherished members of our families, pets provide us with unwavering companionship, comfort, and love. When creating an estate plan, it’s important to consider the well-being of your loved ones, including your furry friends. Estate planning for pets ensures that they will continue to receive the care and attention they deserve even after you’re no

Posted By Alyssa Dalbey
November 5, 2023
SFG Insights

Schultz Financial Group Announces New Co-Ownership Structure

We at Schultz Financial Group, Inc. (SFG) are proud to announce an exciting change in our ownership structure, solidifying our commitment to sustained growth and exceptional service. Effective January 1, 2023, two longstanding and accomplished team members assumed co-ownership of the firm, further enhancing our dedication to our clients and our vision for the future.

Posted By Schultz Financial Group Inc.
November 5, 2023
Tax Planning

Qualified Charitable Distributions

A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is a helpful tax-planning tool for those who are charitably inclined. It is a charitable donation from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Posted By Alyssa Dalbey
November 5, 2023
Charitable Giving

Six Charitable Giving Strategies for 2023

Charitable gifting can occur throughout the year; however, many individuals and families focus on their charitable giving in the fourth quarter as it coincides with annual tax planning. Charitable donations are tax deductible for individuals who itemize their deductions when they file their tax return. The annual deduction limit for gifts to public charities is

Posted By Alyssa Dalbey
August 30, 2023
Retirement Planning

Understanding Incentive Stock Options

In the realm of equity compensation, Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) stand out as a compelling tool for employers to attract and retain talent while offering employees the opportunity to share in the growth of the company. ISOs can provide a unique blend of potential tax advantages and financial rewards, setting them apart from other types

Posted By Kaleigh Stoddard
August 29, 2023