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Tips for Preventing Fraud

Preventing fraud should be a high priority for everyone. Cyber criminals exploit our increasing reliance on technology. Methods used to compromise a victim’s identity or login credentials — such as malware, phishing, and social engineering — are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to spot. A fraudster’s goal is to obtain information to access your accounts

Posted By Jennifer Specter
September 9, 2020
Family Office

Spend, Save, and Give: A Lesson of Three Jars 

Teaching children about money and wealth is not an easy task. Financial lessons are learned over time through teachable moments, family practices, and by following examples. One ritual that can help teach kids about money and wealth is the practice of Three Jars.  The Three Jars Concept Each jar represents an activity: spending, saving, and

Posted By Alyssa Yocom
August 25, 2020
Insurance & Risk Management

Now May be the Best Time for a Comprehensive Insurance Review

This might be the best time for you to undergo a comprehensive insurance review. With coronavirus-related shutdowns, you may find yourself spending more time at home. Perhaps you’ve had time to tackle some of your home improvement projects or you’ve completed items on your to-do list. Have you also reviewed your insurance program?  Firstly, in

Posted By Alyssa Yocom
August 21, 2020
Conferences & Meetings

NAPFA Connect Spring 2020

Schultz Financial Group and our advisors have been long-standing members of The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and attendees of NAPFA Connect. NAPFA is the country’s leading professional association of fee-only financial advisors. NAPFA hosts several conferences and events to provide continuing education to its members. However, this year the in-person conference was

Posted By Alyssa Yocom
August 21, 2020
Tax Planning

Charitable Deductions Allowed Up to 100% of AGI in 2020

Typically, tax law limits charitable deductions to 60% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). However, there is a temporary suspension of the limits on deductible charitable contributions under the CARES Act. For a contribution to qualify, it must be a cash contribution made to a qualifying organization during the 2020 calendar year. Donor Advised Funds

Posted By Alyssa Yocom
August 6, 2020

Internet Crime Prevention Tips

The FBI has an Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) where you can file Internet crime complaints (including Ransomware complaints), find internet crime prevention tips, read consumer fraud alerts, and learn about current and ongoing Internet trends and schemes identified by IC3. Their mission statement is: “To provide the public with a reliable and convenient reporting

Posted By Schultz Financial Group Inc.
August 4, 2020