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We strive to build lasting relationships.

Fee-only fiduciaries who see the world of wealth through a different lens.
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Providing a new lens for viewing the world of wealth.

At Schultz Financial Group we believe your wealth is your masterpiece. More than simply money, it encompasses your hopes and dreams, and your family’s. As fee-only fiduciaries based in Reno, NV, and Midland, MI, we’re here to help you pursue your life’s goals and improve your family’s well-being.


We think and act beyond the basic canvas and tools many other financial advisors utilize. We feel we are best at helping clients coordinate the intricacies of life through our Four Capitals approach. Our goal is to create a deeper, more meaningful client-advisor relationship that truly enables you to lead a more fulfilled life.

We provide insight and solutions to inspire people to take action. Your financial assets are only one piece of your life’s puzzle. Your money is only a tool, albeit a valuable one, to grant you access to achieving success in other areas. We believe your overall well-being can be optimized when you use your assets in a strategic, thoughtful way.

By focusing on your Physical, Psychological, and Intellectual Capitals as well as your Financial Capital, our team strives to increase not only the value of your portfolio but the quality of your life.


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