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Being a fiduciary means that the adviser must, at all times, serve the best interest of its client and not place its own interests ahead of the interests of its client. How can you know that the advisor you’re interviewing is subject to a fiduciary duty? Registered investment advisers, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, have a federal fiduciary obligation. Individuals who hold certain licenses/designations, including CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Chartered Financial Analyst®, and Certified Public Accountant professionals, are also required to act as fiduciaries. Another great test: ask the manager to put it in writing! Schultz Financial Group is a fee-only fiduciary and strives to act in your best interest at all times.
We serve a variety of clients. However, we specialize in working with executives, business owners, accomplished professionals, retirees, and widows/widowers. We enjoy collaborating with high-net-worth clients on a long-term basis as it allows us to form a deeper understanding of their lives and financial goals. We are currently accepting new high-net-worth clients which we define as individuals or families with a net worth of $5 million or more, or the ability to achieve this net worth in the next 5-10 years.
An accredited investor is an individual or entity qualified by the SEC to invest in unregulated or sophisticated securities. An investor is accredited if they have investable assets in excess of $1 million or is an individual who earns more than $200,000 of income ($300,000 for joint filers) in each of the past two years and has a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year. A qualified purchaser is an individual or entity with an investment portfolio worth over $5 million. Since we specialize in private investments, such as private real estate, it’s important for us to recognize this distinction because certain funds are restricted to only accredited investors or qualified purchasers.
A financial advisor is independent if they operate on their own without direct affiliation, influence, or oversight from a larger firm. An independent advisor is not pressured to offer you certain products, and, therefore, is acting in your best interest and offering you only products suited to you.

We take credentials seriously, and we think you should too. Credentials and education play a critical role in your advisor’s competence, and many people mistakenly assume that everyone who calls themselves a wealth manager or financial advisor has a certain level of education and expertise. The Schultz Financial Group team holds several finance and business degrees including the  Certified Private Wealth Advisor® certification, which is an advanced certification to serve high-net-worth clients, and CFP® certification, which is considered the industry gold standard for financial planners and requires comprehensive education, experience, and ongoing ethical requirements.

We get paid via a flat fee for our services to you. As fee-only advisors, we’re compensated by our clients and do not accept any commissions, referral fees, or rebates for offering or implementing recommendations, or transactions of any kind. Learn more about advisor compensation and fees.

Our investment approach involves analyzing your current investments and any future investments from several angles. We take into consideration each client’s individual needs, tolerance to volatility, risk of permanent capital loss, the impact of taxes, time horizon for different life stages, and philanthropic plans, to name a few, as we customize every investment portfolio. Find out more about Schultz Financial Group’s investment approach here.

Schultz Financial Group operates as a team. We are all invested in your growth and your financial goals. So we’ll put our heads together to give you the service you are seeking in all four areas of our specialty: financial matters, physical well-being, psychological space, and intellectual engagement. When you work with us, we join your team and you join ours. Each of our team members have proficiencies you can capitalize on to live your most fulfilled life.

Schultz Financial Group acts as fiduciaries, which means we only act in your best interest. We charge a fixed, transparent fee so you know exactly what you’ll be paying. Our total wealth approach focuses on maximizing your Four Capitals: financial matters, physical well-being, psychological space, and intellectual engagement. 

Our customized wealth and investment management solutions are created just for you and your unique financial situation. We can share with you our extensive knowledge in private investments if that is an avenue you wish to pursue. We’re proud to serve generations of families in Nevada, California, Michigan, and the rest of the United States.

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