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Estate Planning

Duties of a Successor Trustee

While some consider becoming a successor trustee a great honor, it is also a great fiduciary responsibility. As successor trustee, it is your duty to ensure that the trust estate is handled according to the trust document and the trustor’s wishes. When a loved one passes away, there are many tasks to be done and things to consider. Below is a list of some actions the successor trustee should consider.

Posted By Alyssa Yocom
August 16, 2018
Estate Planning

Your Digital Afterlife

What do you imagine when you think of your digital afterlife? In 2013, McAfee completed a study and concluded that we each have an average of $35,000 worth of digital assets. However, 93 percent of people are unaware of or confused about how to quantify and pass along this information. The first step is to identify what you have of value.

Posted By Schultz Financial Group Inc.
July 24, 2018
Conferences & Meetings

NAPFA Spring Conference Summary

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) hosts conferences bi-annually. In May 2018, SFG’s Clarissa and Alyssa had the opportunity to attend the conference in Phoenix, AZ. Here are some key themes and takeaways from the conference.

Posted By Alyssa Yocom
May 30, 2018
Estate Planning

Planning for a Digital Legacy

Digital property is increasingly becoming a more important part of estate planning. Individuals should consider their digital property, in addition to their tangible assets, when finalizing and reviewing their estate plans.

Posted By Alyssa Yocom
April 24, 2018
Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Providing for Your Pet

This article discusses a rarely used, but important subset of estate planning for clients who want to provide for their beloved pets in addition to their family members. 

Posted By Jennifer Specter
January 7, 2018