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November, 2019
Fostering Gratitude in Children

Feeling and expressing gratitude has been shown to benefit us in multiple ways. Did you know the simple act of feeling grateful has health benefits? Having gratitude helps improve sleep, lowers blood pressure, reduces pain and may even make you exercise more often and that’s just the physical attributes! It also helps improve your relationships and self-esteem, increases your creativity and productivity and makes you more kind and giving.

October, 2019
Don't Get Hooked: Phishing

Phishing refers to almost any message-based attack where a cyber criminal is sending a message to you pretending to be someone you know. The cyber criminal is hoping you will click on the link or attachment in their email so they can steal your information. Cyber criminals are not just limiting their phishing to emails - they are also using instant messaging and social media posts to tempt people to click on malicious links and attachments. The best way to detect and stop phishing is knowing the phishing indicators so you don't fall for their scam.

October, 2019
Power Outage Preparedness Tips

Many California residents are being impacted by power outages. Review this list of tips on how to prepare for a power outage.