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September, 2019
Managing Your Inheritance

Here are some suggestions for beneficiaries to keep in mind prior to spending their inheritance.

September, 2019
SFG Library: Intellectual Capital Reads

Here at SFG, we support an ongoing educational culture. One of the ways we do this is holding an employee book club meeting several times per year to share about nonfiction books we’ve read. Additionally, we keep a library of books in our conference room — anyone is welcome to comb through it and take a book home! These books all relate to one of our Four Capitals — Financial, Physical, Intellectual, and Psychological — and offer insight into the approach we are so committed to. Here is a list of the books we currently have related to Intellectual Capital.

September, 2019
Assignment of Benefits: Avoiding Contract Scams

Any time a client has a property loss that requires contractor engagement – and even more so following a natural disaster that creates an overabundance of restoration work in a specific region – homeowners should be wary of the Assignment of Benefits (AOB) clause in a contractor’s agreement.