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Our Favorite Books to Support Psychological Space
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James Clear

This book offers a framework for self-improvement. What if you could continuously improve just 1% each day? Atomic Habits is focused on how we can gradually establish better habits, make better decisions, and live better lives.

Nicole Wilde

Separation anxiety can be an extremely challenging behavior issue for dogs and owners alike. This guide includes the information you need to help your dog, and to lower your own stress levels as well.

M.H. Clark

A beautifully designed book that provides encouraging words whenever you need a boost of inspiration.

Simon Sinek, David Mead, & Peter Docker

Find Your Why picks up where Start With Why left off. It shows you how to apply Simon Sinek’s powerful insights so that you can find more inspiration at work -- and in turn inspire those around you. With detailed exercises, illustrations, and action steps for every stage of the process, Find Your Why can help you find your Why.

David Allen

Getting Things Done is a productivity method created by David Allen that helps you organize the many aspects of your life. By capturing, clarifying, organizing, reflecting, and engaging, you will be able to implement a system that appropriately manages your “to-dos” and allows you to enjoy a productive and present state of engagement.

Pretty Simple Press

If a habitual expression of gratitude is new to you, a gratitude journal is a great place to start. Many journals provide daily prompts to help you go deeper than the obvious things we’re grateful for family, friends, and good health. In this 52-week guide, you can cultivate an attitude of gratitude and focus on being thankful for what you have, the big things in life, and the simple joys. Each week features an inspirational quote, a daily prompt for 3 things you are thankful for, and a weekly checkpoint.

Héctor García & Francesc Miralles

Bring meaning and joy to all your days with this internationally bestselling guide to the Japanese concept of ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy)—the happiness of always being busy—as revealed by the daily habits of the world’s longest-living people.

Peter Walsh

Whether you are selling your family home, blending households into a new home, or cleaning out your aging parents’ home, sorting through a lifetime’s worth of accumulated possessions can be a daunting and stressful experience. Peter Walsh recently went through the process of downsizing his childhood home and dividing his late parents’ possessions among his family. He realized that making these decisions about mementos and heirlooms creates strong emotions and can be an overwhelming chore. In Let It Go, Peter helps you turn downsizing into a rejuvenating life change with useful tips and practical takeaways.

Admiral William H McRaven

This is a book to inspire you, your children, and your grandchildren to become everything they can. It is also about moving beyond failure, standing up to bullies, and giving others hope. The author shares the ten lessons he learned from Navy Seal training. They are simple lessons that deal with overcoming the trials of SEAL training; but the ten lessons are equally important in dealing with the challenges of life – no matter who you are.

Publications International Ltd.

Mindful Eating is a cookbook that pairs mindfulness with preparing and enjoying healthy meals. You do not have to be meditating to be mindful and this cookbook is a great way to apply your mindfulness habits to daily activities.

Mick Ebeling

Not Impossible is a true testament to the power of determination. It encourages us to believe that all problems can be solved—and that each of us has the ability to change the world and make “miracles” happen. The author originally set out to perform a simple act of kindness for one person and that quickly turned into a lifelong mission for him. In the process he discovered that he could, indeed, change the world by asking himself two simple questions: “If not now, when?” and “If not me, who?”. The author shares his inspirational stories in this book and shows how we should toss out our old ways of thinking and look at changing the world from a new perspective.

Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein

Every day we make choices—about what to buy or eat, about financial investments or our children’s health and education, even about the causes we champion or the planet itself. Unfortunately, we often choose poorly. Nudge is about how we make these choices and how we can make better ones. Using dozens of examples and drawing on decades of behavioral science research, Nobel Prize winner Richard H. Thaler and Harvard Law School professor Cass R. Sunstein show that no choice is ever presented to us in a neutral way, and that we are all susceptible to biases that can lead us to make bad decisions. But by knowing how people think, we can use sensible “choice architecture” to nudge people toward the best decisions for ourselves, our families, and our society, without restricting our freedom of choice.

Gregg D. Jacobs, PH.D.

The book is a guide to overcoming insomnia without sleeping pills and for people who are looking for a healthy night’s sleep.This book provides techniques for eliminating insomnia including behaviors and lifestyle practices, improving relaxation, reducing stress, and changing negative thoughts about sleep. He also reviews misleading and confusing claims about sleep and health.

Daniel Gilbert

In this book, Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert describes the foibles of imagination and illusions of foresight that cause each of us to misconceive our tomorrows and misestimate our satisfactions. With penetrating insight and sparkling prose, Gilbert explains why we seem to know so little about the hearts and minds of the people we are about to become.

Arden Moore

In this entertaining book by pet expert Arden Moore, you'll find solutions to common dog behavior problems. From true behavior issues to interesting canine tidbits, The Dog Behavior Answer Book is filled with expertise and know-how to help you raise a perfect pup.

Marie Kondō

If the idea of organizing excites you because you will be able to interact with many different things that bring you joy, you can try Marie Kondo’s style of tidying up, the KonMari Method™. Her method focuses on identifying items that bring you joy and parting with items that bring you clutter and/or negative thoughts.

Meik Wiking

Why are Danes the happiest people in the world? The answer, says Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, is Hygge. Loosely translated, Hygge―pronounced Hoo-ga―is a sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being. The Little Book of Hygge introduces you to this cornerstone of Danish life, and offers advice and ideas on incorporating it into your own life.

Anna Black

This book is about meditation where we can learn to pay attention to our daily experience and become more content and fulfilled by daily activities. This book provides easy-to-follow tips and suggestions that may help you incorporate simple mindful moments into your daily life.

Terri McGinnis

Dr. Terri McGinnis, a practicing veterinarian with over twenty years’ experience, covers various aspects of dog care: anatomy, daily care, diagnostic medicine, medical emergencies, and home medical care, as well as breeding and reproduction. The Well Dog Book is an easy-to-follow guide that answers the questions most frequently asked by dog owners.