Clarissa Alesevich, FPQP®

Associate Wealth Manager

Clarissa earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Nevada, Reno and has been a long-tenured member of the SFG team since 1998. She is a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ and assists in the development and implementation of financial planning recommendations as well as portfolio accounting and management. She enjoys photography, music, movies, yoga, trail running, travel, and outdoor activities with her daughter, her fiancé, and their Silver Labrador.

Clarissa Alesevich, FPQP®

Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional℠
Bachelor of Science - Finance

Years of Experience

26 years

Favorite Art Style


How I live the Four Capitals

I tend to be disciplined in applying risk-mitigating factors/options/outcomes to my financial decision making at home – weighing risk versus reward. This bias has been ingrained in me over the years. I apply it to almost everything!

With family in tow, I try to balance work with a healthy lifestyle which includes staying active with exercise, getting outside on nature hikes, yoga, healthy eating.

I’m mindful to avoid stressful situations with calming activities, gardening, playing with the dog, breathing, and yoga. Staying rested and having an open dialogue with members of my family help keep us on track with projects as well as work and school.

Since I currently have a teenager at home, I’ll take every opportunity I can to stress the importance of personal worth and increasing her own human capital, especially through reading and being aware of the world around her. Raising a decent, caring, and informed citizen of the world is not always easy, but I look forward to helping guide her as the years go by.

Why I enjoy working at SFG

I enjoy helping people with their financial lives and collaborating with other team members who are motivated to do the same. I'm a detail-oriented person and I know how even the smallest detail can help bring peace of mind so I focus on those details for our clients.